Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Off to a Flyer!!

Spent the morning at Anahuac and connected immediately with the Reeve (even managed some pics). I like to think I got the ID correct having watched them down the road at Duff for many years. I was even able to help some US birders pick it out. Showing well and close were a group of cracking Hudsonian Godwits (10). Really smart spot the Sillern Tract of Anahuac.

These sightings take my Texas list to 436 and my ABA to 657. Not bad for a foreigner!

Acting on information off Ebird we had a ride up to Crosby east of Houston in the afternoon. The target as mentioned...Swallow-tailed Kite. The visit turned out far better than I could ever have imagined. To cut a long story short (there's Birding to be done) I spent an hour watching three birds circling at close quarters allowing me to get some great photos. Has to be one of my favourite species.

A brilliant first day...will take some beating to be honest...but I''ll be trying my best!!!

Birding on Galveston Island today.

On the way...

Hoping for some big action Thursday/Friday. Not too severe for the birds crossing the Gulf though...Just a nice fall...Oh, and no tornadoes locally!!!

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