Friday, 12 April 2013

Great send off!

Last British Birding before take-off Sunday morning. Unfortunately viewing was limited due to patchy fog, on the other hand...grounded migrants?

First evidence was down at Sammy's Point in the form of a mixed flock of Winter in summer plumage...

News came over the radio of a Ring Ouzel, but I couldn't find it (as usual).

Back home for lunch and packing.

My last session. So back down to Sammy's for another go. As I drove along the lane approaching the car park I spotted a large lone thrush perched in the top of a bush. Could it be...yes it could...

S.83, P.109
A bit of stalking allowed a closer look...

I was soon joined by Ian Smith, his wife and Andy Roadhouse. I told them I'd just had a sighting and we continued down the floodbank. A few moments later we were all looking at 2 in the same bush, albeit briefly. Always gives me a buzz to find this elusive species.

So that's that. I started to head home and had just passed the Gas Terminal when I just made out a crackling message over the radio..."Hawfinch, Crown and Anchor car park". A few minutes later I was in position. Brief flight views were obtained in the fading light, then it disappeared. Luckily another birder picked it up in Kew Villa...

S.84, P110

That's it then. I'll try and post from Texas...when I'm not Birding!

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