Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fruitful evening

Managed an hour down at Kilnsea Wetlands before dusk. It proved to be a good decision. I first checked Long Bank Marsh hoping for an Avocet or two! It wasn't to be, so I moved on to the car park.

As I got out of the car I could see two Avocets close to the hide. Unfortunately when I reached it they were nowhere to be seen. Probably my size elevens! I decided to sit it out for a while hoping they would return. It was a lovely evening with little wind...yes, little wind. A Barn Owl soon appeared...

After watching this superb bird hunting for a while...sure enough the two Avocets returned, not as close, but close enough...

not bad at 60yds and 7.25pm
They hung around for 5 minutes then flew off to Beacon Ponds. On my way back to the car I had brief views of a Black Redstart! Possibly the same bird I saw on the 28th March?

As I drove home I caught sight of a lump in a bush at Out Newton...

7.50 pm

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