Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let nature take its course?

I've just read an article by Mark Cocker in this months Birdwatch magazine relating to raptors and predation. A controversial topic, no doubt. This following on from the madness of possible Buzzard culling to stop them taking Pheasants!!
He mentions Little Tern colonies in Norfolk being decimated by Kestrels. Closer to home the same thing happened at Beacon Ponds, Spurn this year. Fencing was generously provided to protect against ground predators but aerial threats can't be stopped.

Predation is a natural phenomenon and has obviously occurred since time immemorial  BUT my question is... does this make it right in all cases?
A rare breeder like Little Tern needs more "help" in my humble opinion. (Nearly) every year the young get massacred despite the best efforts of dedicated volunteers and sponsors.
I don't know the breeding success rate of this species in recent years nationally, but it can't be great.

Maybe I'm wrong (I often am!) but surely the odd predator could at least be "re-located"? This species needs OUR help...NOW!!!

little tern brooding young

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