Friday, 6 July 2012

Birding Suspended - rain stopped play!

I like to think I'm pretty keen but this is ridiculous! I can't understand why people go abroad for their holidays?

Managed a singing Garden Warbler (H.82, P127) down the lane however. There's always hope...

With another (very) brief CASPIAN TERN sighting this afternoon, I took a peep at the previous records of this species. One day occurrences constitute the vast majority of the records.

I sneaked one in 1992 at Neuman's Flash, Cheshire not realising at the time how lucky I was! I was down at Swantail Hide, Wheldrake on the evening of 13th May 1993 when one arrived at Southfield Reservoir.

A combination of distance and uncertain site knowledge resulted in me staying put. That would have been a superb Yorkshire tick if I'd have connected. Ah well, it's one to go for.

Beacon Ponds in the next couple of months would do nicely. You never know, I might even find one...

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