Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Buzzard seen again this morning in the same spot. One of the benefits of being a PE teacher is that I work outside a lot! About 10.10 I was just going for a run with my year 8's when a flock of c150
Pink-footed Geese flew over the school heading East...even the kids were impressed!

2 more days at work then 9 days off. Hopefully enough time for me to connect with the 2 elusive MEGAS?

Nice piece on the RTD twitch


Tim Jones said...

Liking that Guardian article Alan, a lot better than any of the other ones I have read!

Alan Whitehead said...

Sentiments we both share apparently. Hope you get a lift tomorrow Tim. I'm going Saturday.

Tim Jones said...

Good luck Sat, shame I'm working looking like Sunday will be my first chance to get down however they will probably be a lot harder then! I'm sure they will repeat anyway!