Saturday, 12 February 2011

Last night/this morning

Popped down to watch the Swans come in last night...always a pleasure. Unfortunately it was very misty and visibility was obviously poor. Still, just nice to chill after the excitement of the working week! I was just about to leave when I noticed two birds circling the water. They kept disappearing behind the bushes and into the ever thickening mist. I persevered and it payed off as they eventually gave themselves away as a pair of Oystercatchers (67). You just never know...

This mornings sunshine forecast never materialized. Started well however with a Goldcrest (68) in the car park. The mist remained and visibility was again poor. Checked out the water for the Goldeneye and Pink-footed Goose...both still present. Other notables were:-
Golden Plover 14
Ruff 15
Dunlin c60
Bumped into Arnie (said I'd give you a mention!) and we both enjoyed watching a superb Barn Owl hunting over the scrape. A fine specimen indeed which was in view almost constantly from 9.30 till 11.30 by which time the sun had come out. Nice morning...great afternoon?

Rough-legged Buzzard near Old Moor tempting. Might have a ride over tomorrow with Louise if it hangs around...

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