Saturday, 15 January 2011

Taking the medicine!

Left at 5ish in the company of Tony Dixon and Richard George, arrived at 8ish. Trudged down the river (2+ miles). Arrived to find the troops strung out and virtually clinging to the land-fill fence. How some of them set their scopes up I'll never know. I confess I wasn't into sliding up and down the raised muddy bank and trying to force my way in to get a view. So, on this (rare) occasion we (well me and Tony) decided to place ourselves mid-group on the footpath and wait for a...twitch? Cheating I know, but under the circumstances wise...well, we thought so! After all, the area was being well watched to say the least. We continued to scan the gulls overhead for it seemed was hours!
To cut a long story short, no definite sightings during the day. A lot of long and many familiar faces. No justice chaps. Sometimes you just have to take the medicine...

p.s. I hate (most) Gulls!

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