Saturday, 8 January 2011

The state of play

Following up on my own mantra of local birding and "laid back" attitude to listing...I succeeded in seeing no new birds today!! Still had a great time though down the Carrs. Bumped into Peter Roworth who'd just counted 83 Whoopers on the farm across the road. Further views of Peregrine, plus a good selection of wildfowl (including ten superb Pintail). The birds are mainly on the river due to the still frozen flood meadows. There was also a welcome increase in Lapwings (c100) plus the usual Barn Owl (2) sightings at dusk. So, if you're planning a trip over this way, it's still hard going at the moment, especially with a hard frost forecast tonight...sunny tomorrow though.

Tomorrow's plan is to visit a variety of local sites seeing what I can turn up. Not exactly cutting edge but I'm interested to see how it goes and what I'll find?

My pal Nig has just treated himself to a new camera. He sent me this pic of a Sparrowhawk. Nice 1...

Some excellent Redpoll comparisons from Durham

You may know (but probably don't) that Texas has a special place in my heart. I've just read they have 2 amazing birds there at the moment. Check these out...

Black-vented Oriole

White-throated Thrush

Last thought for tonight. While checking out the North American rarities I came across this superb image of a great find in Newfoundland.... a Lapwing! I've always thought this beautiful bird is what a rarity should look like!

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