Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Light at the end?

Managed to make it home before it got dark tonight. Also added a patch year tick in the form of 9 R.L.Partridge flying across the road on the way back from Bubwith. Plenty of water, yes water, now on the Ings. Bodes well for the rest of the winter, especially as there's a lot more rain forecast this week.

Haven't made it to Scarborough yet to have a look at the Iceland Gull. Still, I can get a good idea from here. Particularly like this one.

Off to Tad tonight to watch junior playing against Parkgate. 4th v 2nd. Been a long time since they've had a game. Hoping for a good one, a few goals (he's top scorer with 13, not bad from midfield) and a win for the Brewers (what else!)...

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