Sunday, 18 June 2017

Pyrenees 17 - Day 7. Golden Day

Saturday wasn't busy at every day here! Even with a cycle race?

We returned to the Valle d'Ossoue at a more relaxed time of 10. Yet another beautiful day (we've been very lucky with the weather). Much more Lammergeier action today including views of the youngster in the nest... should fly anytime now. I also had great views of Rock Bunting but no Thrush still.

I bumped into Flavien (a friend of Charles), one of the wardens for the area. Nice chap who told me some interesting stuff ( more later). During our natter he mentioned a spot to view the Golden Eagle nest...ears pricked!

After a picnic lunch we took on the trek...and it was SOME trek. We climbed high above the town on the east side. It was far steeper than anticipated... quite warm as  next 3 hours recowell. We made it though... eventually!

We spent the next three hours recovering. The youngster was seen clearly for extended periods and we had one brief pass from the parents.

It was time to go at 6.30. Yes, it happened. Both adults appeared circling the nest several times...magic!

Very lucky...

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