Thursday, 10 June 2010


Just for a bit of nostalga I traced through my British and Yorkshire lists...strictly BOU of course! So they're now on Bubo for the world to see...and check (like anyone is interested). I enjoyed the experience however, and it brought back many great memories of cracking birds from the past. The lists are easy to use and give you pointers to acceptance. There are one or two elements that I find inconsistent however. House Finch (which I saw) and Alder Fly (which I didn't) are listed although they haven't been accepted yet? This makes the league aspect |(if that concerns you) rather ambiguous. I repeat though I like the idea and full marks to the designers of the site. To access it just click the banner above with my totals on . I have actually reduced my British list on research and placed Wilson's Snipe and Royal Tern in the 'pending' envelope! There's integrity for you...

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