Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Honey Buzzard!

Into August and down the cliff early doors...well, at least for me (7).

An early post with some good luck.

Yellow blobs in the bushes. At least 6 young Willow Warblers. Nice and fresh.

Then a distant raptor...dark with a pale head...juv Marsh Harrier. Dark coverts and extremely well marked head.

Then another! I had to remind myself where I was. A Buzzard...long winged and tailed with a slim protruding head. The bird was initially fairly distant to the north. It then slowly drifted out to sea before heading south mixing slow wingbeats with long glides on slightly downcurved wings. I was convinced I was looking at a Honey Buzzard (P.129, H.86).

A new species for the Village (154).

I texted John Hewitt to let him know it was heading his way... hopefully!

A major sighting and a great start to the "Autumn".

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