Friday, 23 June 2017

ET phone home. In the interests of remaining topical I'm writing this during my break on my phone.

I'm afraid yesterday's attempt ended in failure and frustration. Great fun though?!!!

Left home at 3am (Tawny Owl, Barn Owl and 4 Hares on Snakey Lane) and after the joys of the M1, M25 and M3 ( crammed from 6, what a life) I arrived at Sandbanks at 9.15 for the first ferry to Brownsea Island at 10.

The bird left it's roost at dawn, returned once and was now missing. Around 15 birders made the journey. The hide was a decent size so everyone got a decent view. The breeding islands were VERY close, so all we needed now was "the bird".

Late morning...a message...

Seen flying over Sandbanks terminal  (where we had sailed from) towards the island.

Everyone in full focus now. Then a shout..."I've got it!". No-one else did. A difficult moment.

Around 1 the claimant from the terminal arrived. A brief account was given.

We had to leave at 5. Another report at 4 from "Poole Harbour".

I gave it till 6.30 and headed home arriving back just after mid-night.

Seeing is believing...

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