Thursday, 2 June 2016

(Not so) Common Rosefinch

After passing my M.O.T. in London for my Op' yesterday, I needed some fresh air this morning...and boy was it fresh!
I intended to try for the Montague's Harrier again by taking Buddy up onto Beacon Ponds and scanning Easington Straight. As I reached Kilnsea Wetlands car park a message came on the pager informing me that the Common Rosefinch was still present at John Hewitt's Driftwood Caravan Park. I decided to give it a try, especially as I'd have been cut to ribbons up on Beacon Ponds!
As I arrived I saw Phil and around a dozen other birders scanning the bushes. It was soon heard singing which was very nice. This was a first for me...the singing that is. It was very mobile and difficult to "get on" in the strong N wind.
The group typically started to disperse after a while. I decided to hang around the area a tad longer. Phil re-joined me and we spent some more time around the Caravan Park. The bird re-appeared and we got great views.
Phil asked if I fancied a brew so I joined him in his caravan. He showed me some footage of the CR on his new camcorder. Very impressive! Half way through my cuppa a message over the radio told us that the Montague's Harrier was showing again over Beacon Ponds! Scramble...
I rather rudely left Phil (sorry pal) and shot down to Easington straight. No sign of course. Phil joined me 10 minutes later and within another 5 we had it...albeit distantly...
A Spurn tick!
We watched it for around 10 minutes but it was always distant.  If only I'd been on the flood bank? Still, mustn't be greedy. The weather was still grim but this cracking bird lifted the spirits...significantly!
After another chat with Phil I returned home for lunch.
I spent a further couple of hours up on the embankment at Beacon Ponds hoping for a closer look at the MH but it wasn't to be.
The views of the Rosefinch were VERY satisfying however...

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