Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Bonus post

I have an hour to spare while I wait for my train in Hull.
I got VERY lucky this morning down the road. I gave it an hour on Beacon Lane hoping the Golden Oriole would didn't. As I got back to the car I heard Mick Turton report a possible Bittern over the Humber! I drove down to the Crown and Anchor just in time for it to be confirmed as a Night Heron!!!
I think I'm correct in saying it's only my 2nd in Yorks (maybe Britain?). My first was in 1987 (I think)...where? You guessed!
As I watched it flying over Kilnsea Wetlands car park another message came through from Mick...Kite! Possibly Black (that would have been nice!!!). It turned out to be a Red with better views. Still an amazing 10 minutes.
Yesterday afternoon I popped into Hull to try for a Little Ringed Plover. With the help of directions from Gavin I found the spot. I think I can safely say the bird showed well...
Another bird I haven't seen enough of over the years.
Got to trains due...

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