Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Unusual sighting

The wind is in the northern quarter...time for a seawatch! Up to Out Newton, chair set up and dog ball throwing technique refreshed...over the shoulder and hope for the best. The result was at best disappointing with nothing significant seen in an hour.

However on the way to the cliff I saw this...

They soon spotted me but I managed the above photo through the windscreen. A family of Grey Partridges!! Great to see and a nice surprise. I let them be but I did notice an interesting piece of behaviour. One of the adults deliberately detached itself to act as a distraction while the other birds hunkered down in the grass.

News then came through while I was in Easington that the Icterine Warbler had been seen again at Cliff Farm. I gave it a decent amount of time and birds were around in numbers but I couldn't see it. Species seen included Pied Flycatcher (c4), Lesser Whitethroat (2) and plenty of Willow Warblers plus the odd Chiffchaff.

The Pied Fly's are always nice to see and again mustn't be devalued...I mean how can you...

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