Monday, 28 September 2015

S.E.Arizona (15)

Whilst trawling through my pics I found a few that I'd intended posting ...but didn't. So here they are!

Lucy's Warbler is a tiny elusive bird of the desert. In my vain attempts to find the "difficult Thrashers" I stumbled across one in the yard of Quailway Cottage just west of Portal...

note the sharply pointed bill
It's a difficult bird to SEE, so I was really pleased to get some photos of one

not sharp but it shows the Rufous uppertail coverts
As I left the yard and drove towards Portal I found this injured Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in the road. It had obviously been run over. I waited with it for 30 minutes (I certainly wasn't going anywhere near it!) and it eventually made its way into the undergrowth. I believe they can recover from injuries like this. Hope it's OK.

When we eventually got back to the Motel after our epic 2 days in the Chiricahuas this cahp was waiting for us by the front door. It was a good 6 inches in length. Louise wasn't to impressed!!!

I'm thinking it's a Colorado River Toad?


Pam said...

Really enjoyed reading your US blog posts!

Alan Whitehead said...

Many thanks Pam. Glad you've enjoyed it