Wednesday, 2 September 2015

List update

Had some time this afternoon so I made an effort to update my lists before the Autumn rush....hopefully! Took me longer than I anticipated, must use the notebook more.

I've added 5 new species to my Spurn/Patch lists, namely...

American Wigeon
Black Stork
Red-necked Phalarope (thanks Gavin)

This brings my Patch Life total to 273 and my Spurn Life to 267. The six species not seen in the new Spurn Area are...

Great Northern Diver...just realized this and need to sort it!
Cory's Shearwater
Pallid Harrier
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Terek Sandpiper
Glaucous Gull...should add this soon hopefully

My pal Phil Jones got this rather nice pic of the Swilly Night Heron...

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