Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Striking the balance?

Time for a breather!

Internet issues and another long day yesterday in the Chiricahua Mountains at the eastern end of the area, close to the New Mexico border meant posting was not possible. As I'm sure you can understand the priority is to be "out there" rather than in here!

To do my BIG DAY justice I've decided to save that particular yarn until I return. I like surprises. The trip so far as exceeded my expectations...and that's not easy to do! Some wonderful birds seen, interesting mammals and fantastic scenery. The high plains here are 4,000ft plus!! The sunsets are breathtaking.

Birds...I've had great views of some of the rare hummingbirds including Violet-crowned at the Paton's feeders in Patagonia...

 and Blue-throated at the Southwestern research Station in the Chiricahuas...

Pleased to have picked this out in the bushes.

Still on a high after Sunday. Down Mexico way today...

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