Thursday, 2 July 2015

Catch up

Landed back at Holmpton at midnight Tuesday after a whirlwind mini-break to Northern Spain. It's going to take some time to do a write up but I intend to post the highlights asap. Barcelona didn't work out to well to be honest BUT the Pyrenees were just fabulous...despite the unusually hot (even for Spain) temperatures. The scenery, never mind the birds, was simply sensational. Much greener than I anticipated with the south facing slopes.

Enough for now.

LITTLE BITTERN at Old Moor concentrating the thoughts at the moment. A BIG Yorkshire tick! I tried for 3 hours last night after work but no luck. Couldn't make it this morning with an early shift and wimped out tonight. It showed at 7.05 in flight but I wouldn't have made it. I'm going to have a go in the morning...

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