Monday, 11 May 2015


The day started slowly after a night out. Just having breakfast when the dripping tap started.

MEGA: Norfolk CITRIL FINCH Burnham Overy Dunes at west end of Holkham Pines at 9.15 though elusive

Response...finish breakfast and have a shower? Playing it cool? No...just half asleep still!!

It was probably around 10 when we eventually set off. Had a clear run down the boring fenland. Stopped off at a McDonalds for lunch (more time wasted) but as Louise said "we have to eat".

Found Lady Anne's drive easily enough and parked along the driveway...plenty of room. I'd seen on the pager that it was approx 1.5 miles walk to the site which was going to be a problem for yours truly. Anyway, with a few stops I managed to eventually make it. Brought back (very) distant memories of the RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH chaos many moons ago. As I approached the group I saw quite a few coming away (never a good sign) and sure enough when I joined the crowd the bird had flown off.

How long ago I asked. "10 minutes" was the reply! Shower...McDonalds!! As I beat myself up I was joined by Trevor Charlton (great to see him) who also told of how he could have been here sooner (a common trend in twitcher hard luck stories). We consoled ourselves! There was obviously still plenty present and more were arriving by the minute.

A distant Hobby was nice...

It had apparently disappeared for periods previously so hopes were still fairly high. Half an hour passed with no sightings. Things were tense. Then a flurry of movement. The bird was seen briefly in flight, twice. All went quiet again.

Fifteen minutes later it was re-located (well done that man/woman) and we were all enjoying decent views of it feeding on the ground. Not as close as previously apparently but good enough. You could have easily overlooked the bird if you didn't know it was there...

It was fairly mobile whilst feeding but it did perch for periods...

Best I could get...

What a Spring we're having! 2 seconds and one third for Britain.

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