Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Year Review

Not too long-winded! Not my style.

I managed to add...


To my British list.

Yorkshire ticks came in the form of...

Black Scoter
Masked Shrike
Eastern-crowned Warbler
Blyth's Pipit
Little Bustard

Heartache...there had to be some...

CRAG MARTIN - The morning of our holiday departure for Florida! I thought about trying at dawn but reaching Manchester for 10.30am would have been pushing it a bit! I was working the previous day.

My holiday dip list is very impressive!!

FEA'S PETREL? - Question mark because some of the Young Guns twitched it in Northumberland after seeing the MASKED SHRIKE at Spurn !!! Never considered it...I will next time...if there is one! Can you tick it though? Only jealous!

The medicine has to be taken sometimes.

Oh and a LANCEOLATED WARBLER was reported from Bempton. I'll nail it one day.

The BLACKPOLL WARBLER found by Mick Turton was VERY notable. I might even find something decent at the back of my place?

Local totals...

Patch - 164...adding MASKED SHRIKE. Life total (over 27 years!) 268.
Holmpton - 109. I added Brent Goose, Osprey, Water Rail, Spotted Flycatcher, Brambling bringing my Life total to a (very) modest 138. I've only been here 2 years!
Spurn - 134...no concerted effort made. Just dipped in now and again.
Duff - 41...must do better. More visits might help!

This Year? More on that tomorrow...

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