Sunday, 25 January 2015

Green-winged Teal

Had a brief run down to Spurn with Louise and Bud. Couldn't find the Black Redstart but the Whooper was close to the road on Easington straight...

Interesting (at least to me!) that this lone bird seems quite content with the Mute's at this location. Usually found in groups...maybe it got dis-orientated. Hope it re-locates in the Spring.

Just read Andy Walker's blog revealing he had the Green-winged Teal at NDC this afternoon. Bit of a sickener as I was tied up today otherwise I planned to go myself. I'm still trying to convince myself it wasn't there on Thursday! Maybe I should have scanned more closely. Hope it hangs around a while?

Just discovered a chap's doing a BIG YEAR. Lower 48 (states) so no Alaska. He's already over 300! I'll be following his travels, maybe you'd like to too?


Steve Smith said...

Hi Alan,
Like the Birding the candle blog. It reads well & will be following it. Nice find.

Alan Whitehead said...

Love to do one...just need 6 numbers! Hope to see you at a Biggy this year Steve