Wednesday, 17 September 2014

SIX Days in September

Last day today...then 6 off. Time to get down to business. (weak) Easterlies prevail...but so does the fog! Some people are never happy especially as the (far) easterly airflow is forecast to be blocked by Friday...
  • Surface pressure chart - Forecast T+48 - Issued at: 0100 on Wed 17 Sep 2014
So much for theories and forecasts. Birds don't read them anyway!

Fact is birds are moving and birds get lost. You have to be available to see them. For the next 6 days, I am.

The intention is to add to my Village list whilst resisting the lure of the chocolate factory down the road. I will undoubtedly succumb on occasions. Let's face it ...who can resist chocolate?

P.S. Just noticed Edouard out there in the Atlantic. First Hurricane of the season...sign of BIRDS to come?

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