Saturday, 27 September 2014


4 long shifts as penance for my six day break! Had to be done. Sunday let's get out there.

A couple of Yanks have already landed further North...OVENBIRD and RED-EYED VIREO

ALL Birders interested in rare birds are filled with anticipation at this time of year. Plans and strategies are formed. Where to be...when? How much time have you got. Some have limitless, some limited. I fall into the latter category...unfortunately! Still, I can try and maximise my opportunities and that's what I intend to do. Help with shifts at work from my Boss and colleagues has cleared more daylight time...and of course I've got our week on the Scillies (Oct 18th - 25th). Yes, I'm marooned I know BUT I couldn't think of anywhere better to be stuck! That includes Shetland.

Lets hope it's a classic Autumn. I say that every year!

A couple of good village sightings today. First a Buzzard at first light. Then, another sighting of the pair of Blackcaps from the lounge window mid-afternoon during a meal break...

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