Friday, 5 September 2014

Head down

True to my word I was out in the village from 6.30 this morning.

I worked my way from home to the cliff with nothing of note seen. A further spell wandering around the bushes continued to draw a blank. Stick with it...stick with it! Messages started coming through from Spurn. Wryneck, Barred Warbler...Stick with it!!

What's that?


Whinchat (H.89)
Flocks at Spurn...but this one is mine!

Buoyed by this sighting I decided to hang around a while. I checked out what's left of the pond. A movement...Reed Warbler! (H.90). My first for the village. There ARE birds here!

Maybe I just haven't looked hard/long enough.

The locals were also present...

A distant Curlew flew calling through the mist...

Great stuff. If your a Patch worker you'll know the satisfaction felt this morning. If you're not, you might want to give it a go?

After a coffee back at the ranch with Louise I made my way down to Spurn. It was around 10 now and I decided to try for the Little Stints at Kilnsea Wetlands. A birder stood on top of the embankment didn't bode well! I diplomatically passed him and made my way to the hide. Plenty of Gulls loafing...I wonder?

Med' Gulls (S.85)

Time to leave for home now. The coast was clear on the way back to the car so I had a scan for the Stints. A few waders had gathered on the scrape. Dunlin, Dunlin, Dunlin. Maybe a Curlew Sand'? No luck there but after a short while this little jewel scampered into view...

P.130, S.86

A wonderful morning...

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