Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 1

Started well...

Deer at dawn
Then a migrant...surely not!

fresh, very yellow Willow Warbler...note the dark cheek
Gave it quite a while...7 -10...but not much to show. After a spell at home which included seeing 2 Blackcaps from the lounge window feeding on an elderberry bush! I returned to the cliff to find this smart lad waiting for me...

Whinchat...just arrived?
Then a report of a Cetti's Warbler from Sammy's point. I had a brief go, but couldn't find the spot so I returned to the car park were this fine raptor blasted through the fog...

Peregrine (S.109)
Quite a few Wheatears present in the Horse Paddocks.

Back to Holmpton. I'd just pulled up on School lane when I received a text from Gavin informing me an Osprey had just flown over him in Withernsea and was heading my way! A 25 minute vigil on the clifftop produced nothing...I was used to that!

I then received a call off Phil revealing it had visited the seafront pond 3 times to take fish. 10 minutes later I'd joined him.

Who'd have thought it?
Bob Mann another Withernsea birder was also present working on a new fence...

So, two birders who were at work had seen an Osprey (and a Hobby) and yours truly who had the day off hadn't! Phil also had what was almost certainly the same falcon at the sewage works...

Nice one pal
The Osprey was a no (further) show.

MEGA alert!!! LANCEOLATED WARBLER reported from Bempton. "Reported" always casts seeds of doubt (at least with me) but I had to go... I only got the other side of With' when doubts were confirmed with "no further sign". Who knows?

Gavin had a Garden Warbler back at Holmpton late in the day. 2 Yellow-broweds at Grimston just up the road.

Must look harder tomorrow...after I try for the Osprey first thing.

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