Thursday, 2 January 2014

Slow start

I'm in the process of swapping/updating my computer. On strong advice I've decided on Windows 7 rather than Windows 8. Other issues like flash card compatibility and transferring files etc will hopefully be sorted out eventually? For now I may still use the old one but it is on it's last legs, taking a "rest" (i.e. shutting down) when it feels I've been working it too hard! My 20+ year old tele' does a similar thing. Maybe I'll be doing it soon?!

I had a leisurely roam around a few areas today, ending up at Patrington Haven for the last couple of hours. Managed to amass 45 species to get the year going. My "race" days are over. I was hoping for a Harrier or an Owl but it wasn't to be. Memories of the IVORY GULL returned. The whole experience still fills me with awe. There was still some rotting fish present in the now famous spot.

I still haven't decided on my "tactics" for the year. I need to decide on a strategy that gives me a definite purpose to my Birding. I feel a trend to concentrate on certain sites would be rewarding rather than scooting around visiting many areas. This relates back to when I used to bird Duff'. Here my time was spent mostly in the hides, so I had a definite base. Here on the coast the areas are more open, although there are a few hides scattered around. Not better or worse...just different.

I MUST send my records in to Birdtrack more regularly. Again this would give my Birding more purpose. I'm still toying with the idea of joining the Foot It challenge, although my mobility or lack of it may be a problem.

Whatever you decide to do with your Birding this year I wish you well. Most of all...ENJOY IT!!!

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