Sunday, 19 January 2014


Out and about locally today at the start of my mini-break till Tuesday afternoon. The day had a delayed start due to heavy rain. When I eventually ventured out I headed for Long Bank to take another look at "the Swans". Three species in close proximity! It was interesting and hopefully educational to view them from a distance to compare "jizz". Great to have all three so close to home.

Both yellow-bills are still persecuted both on their breeding grounds and on migration. I won't get on my soap box!

I prefer to dwell on the achievements of these magnificent birds. The stat that stands out for me is the altitude they can fly at.

"Perhaps the most impressive altitude record is that of a flock of Whooper Swans which was seen on radar arriving over Northern Ireland on migration and was visually identified by an airline pilot at 29,000 feet"

Whooper and Mute

Afternoon spent down at Skeffling. Nothing significant but some nice sightings...

A lone grazing Brent
Things coming along steadily regarding the update. Hope to complete soon...

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