Monday, 2 December 2013

ABA BIG YEAR...coming to a head

Exciting times Stateside. Neil Hayward is now on 738 (plus 2 provisional) for his BIG YEAR having just added Dusky Thrush in Anchorage! Not bad!!!

My friend Sandy Komito achieved an amazing 745 (plus 3 provisional) in 1998.

Swings and roundabouts regarding the time difference of 15 years. Sandy was able to go to Attu, the furthest west island of the Aleutian chain for several weeks which Neil was unable to do. However, Neil I feel has had better and faster information due to the advent of the internet.

He heads out to Nome to try for McKay's Bunting then he's off to Adak next Thursday were Whooper Swan, Whiskered Auklet and Smew are all possible.

It's going to be a close finish...

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