Monday, 30 September 2013

Surprise ending

After an initial search locally which produced nothing of note I decided to head down to Spurn for the morning. Bright and very breezy! I called in at Kew to pay my subs but there wasn't any sign of life. Then, over the radio came a report from Adam Hutt of an RB Fly down the peninsular. I started to drive down and bumped into Andy Roadhouse...subs were duly paid.. It was very windy on arrival and there was no sign of the bird. Then another was reported at Easington off Vicars lane! I figured this one might be a better bet and maybe a bit more sheltered?

On my way back along the peninsular I noticed a Redstart on the road. It flew into cover but I managed a decent pic through the bushes. Chuffed with the camera performance in poor light...

When I reached Vicars lane Steve Webb was searching for the bird but it had disappeared...there's a theme developing here! I gave it 30 minutes then drifted off for lunch back home.

Later in the day I spent some time in the village exploring possible decent spots for migrants...ever optimistic.

I finished off searching the clifftop bushes although the wind was strong. Then from nowhere appeared a very welcome sight. A little jewel of a Goldcrest (H.96, P.157) to brighten up the wild scene...

50th of a second
Again, impressive image under the circumstances as it was only in view for a few flighty seconds.

As we made our way back to the house a large, dark yet slightly silvery thrush flew over...RING OUZEL!!!(H.97). A village lifer no less!

A brilliant end to the day...

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