Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sniping comments!

In the aftermath of the sad demise of the Great Snipe at Kilnsea, it got me thinking. Always dangerous! On-line discussions rage on the cat/bird issue. I've learnt over the years not to air opinions on these sites because I usually upset someone! Slaty-backed Gull on Birdforum springs to mind!!

I will say this on here however...

Many birders or birders better halves have cats...fact. We have a Siamese cat. You can't train a cat, although I've seen many comments to the contrary, from owners. The only way to make sure your cat doesn't kill things is to keep it indoors...permanently. Is this fair on the animal?

Regular readers will know I'm a Dog person!

Any bird that obviously has no fear of humans or seemingly anything else is always in danger of predation by any number of predators...sadly. Granted cats are not native and kill movement rather than for food...which I detest.

Anyway, ours won't kill anything...because we've got him a bell...

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