Monday, 5 August 2013

Breeding evidence!

A while ago I reported that a few pairs of Lesser-black backed Gulls had taken up residence in Bannister Street, Withernsea...the location of the bus depot.

I hadn't seen any young however and was beginning to wonder if the had produced any young? They had...

I found this chap underneath my car after work trying to avoid a few daft youths who were harassing it.
One of it's legs was damaged, possibly broken. What to do? It was 8.30 pm by now and too late to take it to the vet.

I decided to leave it in the car overnight and Louise took it to the vet the following morning (in the cat basket!!), as I was at work. Full marks for their helpful attitude, as not all vets are so accommodating! She told them the location were I found it and hopefully it will make a full recovery...

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