Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kumlien's Gull YES...Hawfinch NO (but the 2 Waxwings were nice!)

Having read about the Hawfinch at Ampleforth yesterday I decided to leave "the Patch" and have a go. After all, it would be a York Area Lifer!

I decided to go via Barmston. I arrived around 11 and almost immediately connected with the Gull as it was loafing offshore. I confess to being lazy and not walking down the beach, I just took some pics from the clifftop...

passable from 100yds

Onto Ampleforth.

Gave it 3 hours and met Jonathan the finder. He showed me where he'd seen it yesterday but it wasn't to be.

Amazingly however he did pick out a couple of Waxwings in the distance!!

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