Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fresh in!

Morning dog walk proved fruitful. Still pretty damp around these here parts so we headed up to Out Newton and walked north towards Holmpton. Almost immediately a Woodcock drifted over and headed inland. A nice record!

This was topped a few minutes later when I flushed a Jack Snipe (H.114, P.173) from the clifftop scrub. It behaved to type by flying low a short distance before disappearing again. I say typical behaviour (ala text book) as I must admit this is the first time I've actually seen it!!

I used to trudge round the LDV hoping to flush one...but never did? All my sightings (bar one) have been of birds from hides (particularly on Scilly)/ The "bar one" was a bird trapped and ringed at NDC and kindly shown to me by Craig Ralston.

I may have a record shot but I'll need to work out how to remove it from the camera memory!

Returned to Out Newton for a seawatch this afternoon. I also wanted to try out my car window mount...and listen to the Footy. Decided it isn't the answer...too much vibration.

Bonus came in the form of this Barn Owl hunting the same area I walked this didn't flush the Jack Snipe!

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