Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012...a few thoughts

It wouldn't be cricket if I didn't do the traditional end of year Blog post...would it?

Not a classic in terms of personal rarities...but I guess that's partly due to the fact I've been "at it" for quite a while now!

Highlights, well, 2 British ticks in the form of Orphean Warbler and P.G.Tips...

Also saw a Hooded Merganser and a Thayer's Gull.

Finally managed my Yorks Cory's at Holmpton plus great views of Pallid Harrier at Patrington. The White-spotted Bluethroat at Spurn in early April was special, especially the close views obtained.

I don't do prolonged posts but just to say generally an average year for quality birds. Hopefully more excitement in 2013.

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