Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Still some adjustments needed

When I was younger (and fitter) I spread myself more thinly over the LDV. I would "sus" out sites with potential (exactly what I'm doing now, I guess).

The last couple of days have involved me mulling over the best strategy for my coastal birding. As mentioned previously my other life involved stints of varying length in the hides at Duff. I got used to sitting and watching the glorious view, seeing birds come and go. There were times however, when I wished for more general access and walking paths.

I reckon there are 5 hides on my patch but none are easily accessible for a "quick peep". Also some are still in there infancy but have potential.

I guess I'm saying that I need to sort out a definite I better do it...soon!

I need a hide that's in the right place...

I don't think so!!!

I've noted the idea posted on some of the Blogs I follow regarding "walk lists". Good idea...and I definitely need to walk more! I'll work out a realistic total walkable from my house.

Tried some sea-watching but still not got the bug. To fuel this particular aspect of our hobby I've ordered one of these...

Portable hide...the car!

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