Sunday, 11 November 2012

Can't get enough...

Sunshine meant another trip to Asda. I make no apologies. As I got closer the nagging thought of a Bee-eater in Co Durham became more and more prominent. I have just received the Panasonic FZ200 (on a months approval) and wanted to try it out. After doing the pet shop round I moved onto the supermarket car park. I reckon there was about 20 birders/photographers spread around.

I'd decided by now to have a go for the Bee-eater but it was approaching 11! I saw a group of Waxwings in a small tree and luckily there was a space. I pulled in, leaned out of the window and took some shots...

Cheering up a November day. To be fair it was a cracker.

After around 10 minutes I set off for Seaburn. Arrived around 1.30. Seaburn that is, not the site. As I'd only decided to go on route to Hull I didn't have exact directions. My hopes of stumbling on the admiring throng didn't materialise! I gave my mate Haydn a ring and after a frustrating 15 minutes I eventually found the spot.

Negative news greeted me. I knew the bird disappeared from time to time so I wasn't initially concerned. It wasn't to be however. There was a report from Whitburn C.P but no further sightings were confirmed (as far as I know).

It was a bit of a sickener but I consoled myself with the fact that I'd seen a pair in the Spring at Patrington.

Footnote: This wasn't the first time I'd dipped this species. The breeding pair at Bishop Middleham Quarry, Co Durham were BIG news in 2002. I kept saying to myself I'd go and see them. I eventually made the trip... the day after they left!! Brilliant.

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