Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scilly summary

Checked my records and happily I have reached 200 for Scilly! What was my 200th? Great White Egret. It's possible the Lesser Whitethroat I saw briefly was the Central Asian one that is still present on the Garrison. For the record my other additions were Kittiwake, Coal and Penduline Tits.

As previously mentioned not a classic week but always enjoyable and it didn't rain once. In fact the first three days were more akin to the Mediterranean. I'm a self-confessed Scilly addict. I've never been to Shetland or Fair Isle and have only made the trip to Orkney once for the first twitchable PALLID HARRIER in June '95. So, I can't comment on the Northern Isles and maybe one day I'll get there. It won't be for a one off twitch though which probably costs more than a weeks accommodation and food on the Scillies.

Scilly gives me:-

Good birds...sometimes great ones...always better than a week on the mainland.

Great memories

Fabulous scenery

Excellent Beer

We've managed to acquire a flat for next year which will save us a few bob. We'll be back on the 19th for a week.

Sadly no more sightings of these...

But hopefully still some of these!

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