Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thayer's Gull

Made the trip to Lincs late morning (yesterday), brought back a few memories as I used to live in Scawby, near Brigg many moons ago. Found the site...and the throng. Luckily the bird was around and I got good flight views before it drifted off. I then went down to the Country Park for a while where I bumped into Andrew Kinghorn, nice to see you again pal.

Gave it a while but no joy, so I returned to the original site but by now the crowd had dispersed and the familiar and understandable "what to do and where to go" scenario ensued. I decided to find a likely spot and scan. The pager proved decisive again (it also lowers the stress level) as around 2.15pm it was relocated and showed well to all.

Unfortunately as I tried to get my record shot it decided to hide behind two other gulls, so I managed an even worse image as it departed the scene...

The wire is pretty sharp!

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