Monday, 9 April 2012

Stranger than Fiction

Weather forecast was accurate today...unfortunately. Still, undeterred I ventured out and the day started well with great views of a Barn Owl by the cliff path.

I then decided to have a peep at Rimswell Pond, highlighted by Phil in a conversation last week. The pond is viewable pretty much from the road and will be worth checking, as any decent body of water would be this close to the coast. Whilst having a scan, I picked up a Buzzard (106). The bird was in view for a good 15 minutes but at no time did it come close, as can be seen by another of my legendary images...

Other "good birds" seen in the area included a group of 25 Curlews, a couple of flushed Snipe, a Shelduck and the BIG bird...a couple of Canada Geese (107)!!
Checking my records this is the first sighting I've ever had, having never seen them at Spurn? Another nuance of establishing a new PATCH.
Phil arrived in response to my text but there was no further sign of the Buzzard.

Went home for some lunch then had a ride up to Hilston where Phil had seen this Wheatear...

Courtesy of Phil Jones

As I clambered out of the car I saw a gull flying south along the cliff top...GLAUCOUS GULL!
The exact same thing happened the last time I visited this site with Phil!!!

So, even though the weather WAS lousy, some good stuff was still seen.

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