Monday, 30 April 2012

Right Choice for me

Bit of a surprise but well pleased. At least we'll have a team that's well organised. Not the people's choice...

but I reckon he'll do a great job. At least the players will be able to understand him! Strong rumours that Harry had issues with Trevor Brooking (who was on the panel) linked to incidents involving Billy Bonds? Not that that would influence their decision you understand. Hodgson has vast experience both at club and international level. He got a rough deal at Liverpool with King Kenny sat in the stand (34 points behind UTD and 5 home wins this season!)

All he has to do now is win every game. I'm sure our wonderful press will be very understanding!!!

BIG game tonight. Don't support either but I am a Lancashire lad born just down the road. I can remember watching Best, Law and Charlton plus Bell, Summerbee, Young etc. Even went to Wembley in '69 with my cousin Derek (a big City fan) to watch them beat Leicester 1-0 with a goal from Neil Young...I was behind the goal and can see it now. Great memories.

Tonight we have a player who can refuse to play for months, letting his Manager,team mates and supporters down. He then decides to come back, gets welcomed as a Saviour and all is long as they win the League.

What a great example to the kids. So, what's the moral of the Story?

If your good enough you can do whatever you like and get away with it?!!!

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