Sunday, 1 April 2012

PATCH Boundaries stretching...but not too far!

Another glorious day here (not forecast). I decided to have another "reccy" of possible local sites that have potential. I'd spent a bit of time exploring the north of the area...granted with obvious limited walking...and driving come to that!
Still I thought I'd have a look at some sites along the Humber. Skeffling first but found a dead end way too far from the flood bank. Next it was Welwick, better luck here as I managed to find a spot which was a short walk to the Humber. This is going to sound a bit clever...but never mind. I was hoping for Marsh Harrier (103) for the "THE PATCH...guess what...

He was a good half a mile away

Blurred lady

Gave Phil a call and he soon joined me in watching these fine raptors. After we seperated I finished off with a quick look at Patrington Haven on my way back. I saw both birds again from here although in a different spot. They covered a wide area using the thermals. Then I set the trip counter... 7 miles back to Holmpton, the same distance as Holmpton to Spurn! So that's it, it really is this time.

So "THE PATCH" now includes the above sites as well.

Total Sites
Spurn Area
Out Newton
Patrington including the Haven
and anywhere in between!!

Species seen in this area over many years...257.

Footnote: In case you're wondering (which you almost certainly weren't), I HAVE been going down Duff when I can but with the drought it's been hard work. Managed to squeeze the year list up to 45. Still, just needs some rain...

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