Sunday, 15 April 2012


At last. I've only waited 26 years! After reading about the sighting last night, I went to bed thinking it had probably moved on...probably?

Woke at 5...that was it.

Painkillers taken and off I set for "the Duff". Arrived on site at 6.30. As regular readers will know, I consider myself an optimist, but I was stretching it this time. Bud was having a sniff around while I scanned the Carrs with my bins.
Then, out of the trees it came, on a crisp clear Spring morning, soon it was hovering over the pool, catching a fish on the first attempt, then resting to eat it on this fencepost...

Realistic  view!

I texted quite a few locals to let them know it was still present and then started to let the feeling sink in that I had finally seen an Osprey on my beloved Patch.
Yes, I have a coastal cottage now BUT North Duffield Carrs will always be special to me and I will continue to bird here as long as I live.

I was joined by Elaine (Hi Tim, if you read this, hope you are well) from the village, plus Arnie Cowan from York. Shortly afterwards Vince and his mate arrived (sorry, can't remember your name!). We all enjoyed prolonged if distant views of this superb raptor. My number 1 wish bird for the site. No 147.

Not bad at c800 yds!

Eventually the Crows forced the Osprey to take flight. Still, we were then treated to a superb aerial display before it drifted off up the valley...

Those damn Crows!

Gull-like profile

So, my gamble paid off...YES!!!


Secret Twitcher said...

Good man Alan, optimism rewarded with a great patch tick!

Alan Whitehead said...

Cheers Joel. Special day!