Tuesday, 10 April 2012

More exploring...

Making the most of my days before my Op I decided to try a few more local sites. First up was the YWT site Hodgson's Fields. I obviously couldn't explore it but I did have an impressive flock of c85 Curlews and my first LBB Gull (108). Reckon it will be good for warblers and migrants as it virtually backs on to the Easington Gas Terminal!

On the way back for lunch added R.L.Partridge to the village (69) and Patch (109) list. As I rested the old joint (violins?) a pager message had me driving down to the coast. "2 Cranes heading south from the Aldbrough/ Grimston area!" Heading my way? Alas no, but it was still stimulating scanning north over Withernsea in expectation...you know how it is. I did however pick up my village LBB Gull (70).

A while ago I had a conversation with my neighbour Walt, a grand old chap of 75. He told me that years ago he knew of a Sand Martin colony close by. I checked it out today and it looks promising, I even saw a couple of birds briefly lingering over the site.

Migrants still few and far between here...

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