Thursday, 12 April 2012

An eventful day!

Had a look down the potential Sand Martin colony site this morning. No sign of any but 2 more Wheatears...

Great setting

a bit closer
Also had 3 Sand Martins flying north just before I left.

After lunch I had a ride up to Rimswell (another Wheatear was seen on the way on a manure heap). I like this site and reckon it has lots of potential. The usual stuff on the pond and a nice group of 24 Curlew on the Carrs plus close fly-by views of a Barn Owl.
I then decided to try a couple of sites around the village. It was then I heard a familiar sound of Spring...two notes...

Cuc-koo x 2 (110)

Flight profile of 2nd bird

I gave Phil a text, he soon appeared and within 10 minutes we'd picked one up in a nearby bush...

My earliest record ever by 10 days.

(More) eventful bits...
  • Buddy going AWOL on the cliff for a while. He's now worked out how to get down on the beach. I found him back at the car!
  • After a long discussion with my Surgeon I've decided to wait for the results of the blood test before choosing my hip resurfacing/replacement.

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