Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Crucible

Really enjoying the Snooker (apologies to all workers) at the moment. Haven't watched for years but due to my enforced situation the viewing is bringing back many memories. Lots of past greats on the commentary team...Steve Davies, Dennis Taylor, John Parrot. I love our long established traditional tournaments/venues.

Started watching with the advent of

"For those of you watching in black-and-white, the brown is next to the blue"

in the seventies. It was the platform for Steve Davies to launch his fantastic career. Great players and dramatic matches followed throughout the seventies with some amazing characters. None more so than...

Like many flawed geniuses in sport he found it hard to cope with age...

A brilliant Anecdote
"When he attempted to qualify for the world championship in 1995, Higgins lost to Tai Pichit, a former Buddhist monk. Yet for a moment in the 12th frame he was suddenly brilliant again. Having reached 103 in a break, he asked the referee, John Williams, to move. Williams refused to do so, pointing out that he was not in the line of sight. "You're in my line of thought, though," protested Higgins"


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