Sunday, 8 April 2012

...and so it begins. Bluethroat (white-spotted)



The first quality bird of the Spring arrived at Spurn today in the form of a stonking White-spotted first!
I should have seen last years bird but was lazy. Anyway, arrived and soon got chatting with Adam Hutt and Nathan Pickering who helped us get "on" the bird which performed superbly, perching frequently in full view and was even heard singing at times...another first!
It was interesting (but obvious) that being just down the road the admirers were sparse but I have to say it did give a more relaxed feel to proceedings.
Also saw at least 4 Wheatears including this cracker...

...but no luck with the Black Redstart that had been seen at the point. Caught a glimpse of my mate Vince amongst the ever increasing group of admirers as we made our way back to Holmpton.

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