Sunday, 27 November 2011

An underestimated illness

We all have bad moments/times. I've had some which I won't bore you with and luckily found a way through. Surely though when a fit, intelligent, rich, good looking and successful 42 year old man hangs himself...maybe it's time for a fresh perception in some areas of true Clinical Depression.

Someone once told me about the Swan syndrome. We all appear calm and in control on the surface but underneath we're paddling like mad to keep going...makes you think...doesn't it?


James said...

Intensely sad day Alan. Gary Speed was one of those rare footballers that was liked by all fans and by all his former clubs. His influence throughout the game has been evident by the mass outpouring of grief over the last 24 hours. One ca only speculate but Robbie Savage said some interesting things on the radio yesterday - Speeds only interests were his family and football. With two teenage boys and an international managers job perhaps there was an unfillable whole in his life which he was unable to fill having been told how to live each day for the previous 25 years by his gaffer. We can only hope this serves as a warning to other pro sportsmen & women in dealing with retirement and the frustrations that must bring. I read an interesting article in the guardian by the secret footballer and the timing makes you wonder if any further articles will appear.

I hope you dont mind the long comment Alan, but this death has had a huge effect on me and other guys my age due to Speeds ever presence in the football hinterland since we started watching the sport in the late 80s early 90s.



Alan Whitehead said...

Wise words indeed James...